The Israeli medical device industry is young but growing rapidly. With over 400 local medical device manufacturers registered with the Health Ministry, and according to market research, up to 600 manufacturers, the medical device sector is the largest in the Life Science industry. This innovative medical device industry and active market places Israel clearly at the forefront of global medical technology.
The Afeka Center for Medical Engineering promotes research and development, prototype development and consulting  in medical engineering science and technology, with unique specialization in a number of vital fields, such as biomechanics and bioelectronics, as well as standardization and regulation processes for approval for commercial sale and for clinical trials. in addition to meeting the dynamic needs of the medical device industry, ACME is on a mission to emerge as a leading medical engineering research center, while cooperating with Israel's leading hospitals and global medical engineering research groups.
Our Services
  • Biomed and med engineering simulation laboratory
  • Medical mechanics, bioelectronics, medical sensors, and signal processing consulting
  • Cooperation with leading hospitals and global research groups
  • Peripheral micro-circulatory measurement system for RBC flux and tissue oxygen tension measurements
  • Fluid dynamics visualization lab.
  • Regulatory consulting
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Professional courses