Dr. Nadav Sheffer
Dr. Nadav Sheffer
Nadav is an electrical and electronics engineer with extensive experience of over two decades in medical engineering. In addition to his role on the faculty of Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering’s Medical Engineering department, since 1993 he has served in the Israely Ministry of Health's Medical Device Department. He is also the head of the central committee for medical devices at the Standards Institution of Israel. 
He specializes in mathematical and computer modeling of physiological systems and clinical engineering and holds a Ph.D in biomedical Engineering.
Our Services
  • Biomed and med engineering simulation laboratory
  • Medical mechanics, bioelectronics, medical sensors, and signal processing consulting
  • Cooperation with leading hospitals and global research groups
  • Peripheral micro-circulatory measurement system for RBC flux and tissue oxygen tension measurements
  • Fluid dynamics visualization lab.
  • Regulatory consulting
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Professional courses